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A-1 Mobile RV Services offers a service maintenance package that will ensure your furnace operates satisfactorily whenever needed.

Our Furnace Service Package:

Most of the steps in the furnace cleaning service require the furnace to be removed for the RV.

bullet Test furnace unit for proper operation
bullet Prior to removing the furnace for cleaning, verify proper voltage and LP gas pressure to the furnace
bullet Turn off LP gas supply at the tank
bullet Remove the furnace for the RV and plug the LP gas line
bullet Disassemble and inspect the following:
bullet Electrode assembly - Clean and adjust
bullet Main burner and main burner orifice - Clean
bullet Inspect blower wheel
bullet Printed circuit board - Test module board
bullet Check all electrical connections
bullet Clean and inspect combustion chamber
bullet Clean and inspect vent tubes and outer casing
bullet Inspect fan motor
bullet Reassemble furnace
bullet Test unit for proper operation
bullet Reinstall furnace in RV
bullet Test for LP leaks
bullet Perform coach test of thermostat



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