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Water Heater Service
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A-1 Mobile RV Services offers a service maintenance package that will ensure your water heater continues to operate satisfactorily every time you need hot water.

Our Water Heater Service Package:

bullet Verify proper AC and DC voltage
bullet Connect manometer and verify proper LP gas pressure
bullet Test for LP Leaks at water heater
bullet Verify proper direction of water heater by-pass valves (if equipped)
bullet Drain and flush water tank
bullet Check condition of anode rod (if equipped)
bullet Refill water heater tank and verify operation of T&P Relief Valve, Re-establish air head
bullet Clean main burner and main burner orifice
bullet Clean and test thermocouple (if equipped)
bullet Clean, inspect and adjust electrode assembly
bullet Clean flue tube and exhaust vent
bullet Clean, inspect and test D.S.I. circuit board (if equipped)
bullet Verify continuity and operation of 120 Volt AC electric heating element (if equipped)
bullet Inspect all electrical connections
bullet Test unit for proper operation


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