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A-1 Mobile RV Services offers you a maintenance package that will ensure your refrigerator continues to operate satisfactorily.

Our Refrigerator Service Package:

bullet Verify refrigerator is vapor tight to the interior of the RV
bullet Verify refrigerator is properly installed, baffled and vented
bullet Clean and adjust burner, flue and orifice assembly
bullet Clean and check all terminal connections
bullet Clean and inspect all ground connections
bullet Inspect and test door seals
bullet Check for proper LP gas pressure and adjust as needed
bullet Check power ventilator (if equipped)
bullet Verify LP gas safety shutdown in 45 seconds
bullet Check electrode gap
bullet Check thermistor reading
bullet Check DC voltage
bullet Check AC voltage
bullet Test thermocouple (if equipped)
bullet Inspect Icemaker water valve and all connections (if equipped)
bullet Inspect Icemaker heat tape switch for proper operation (if equipped)



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