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A-1 Mobile RV Services offers a service maintenance package that will ensure your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump operates satisfactorily each time you need it.

Our Air Conditioning Service Package:

bullet  Conduct a cooling performance test
bullet Check air temperature drop across the evaporator coil
bullet Check compressor voltage
bullet Check compressor amperage
bullet Check operation of heat pump (if equipped)
bullet Remove/clean/replace A/C filters (parts are an additional cost)
bullet Check A/C roof gasket for condition
bullet Snug mounting bolts
bullet Check for proper installation of roof/air-box seal
bullet Check for proper installation of return air seal
bullet Check for proper installation of discharge duct seal
bullet Inspect and vacuum evaporator coil
bullet Examine shroud/cover for cracks/damage
bullet Inspect and vacuum condenser coil
bullet Inspect for damaged/bent condenser fins
bullet Clean/unclog drain holes in drain pan



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